#005 "Jana" Classic Birdcage Veil - Full Cage Blusher

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Jana full birdcage veil - classic cage blusher veil - full head bird cage veil -
Birdcage veils have made a huge comeback and they look fabulous with either formal or informal gowns. When you're looking for the perfect bird cage veil, then check out the "Jana", a classic full face birdcage veil that can be adjusted in length by placing it further back on the head.

Attached to a simple clear comb that is worn facing forward to be hidden under the veil, this design works perfectly with additional adornments such as a hair flower clip or feather fascinator. If desired, we can optionally attach it with spring clips (great for shorter hair). It also stands alone as a perfectly simple, yet elegant bridal veil.

You may reverse this veil and wear it on the back of your head during your reception.
Made from Russian veiling, also called French netting, the veil is 18 inches long and fully frames the face and head. Shorter birdcage veils are also available.
Available in white, ivory, black, or please contact us for a custom color. Contact us if you would like a custom birdcage veil, or if you would like a set of birdcage veils for your entire wedding party. Imagine small matching bridesmaids veils! Very chic!