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Swarovksi Crystal Birdcage Veil is a lovely classic birdcage veil in any length, with tiny flatback Swarovski crystals individually applied by hand to the netting, so that your veil will shimmer and sparkle in the light with every movement. This is a time consuming veil to make so it costs a bit more than a plain veil, but is worth it if you want a little added sparkle!

The crystal bird cage veil is available in several lengths and styles. Crystals are tastefully applied in a scatter across the veiling. If you want a heavy application of crystals (more sparkle), please contact me for a quote.

Available in white, ivory (off-white) black, or custom colors. I can dye veils to match your wedding colors if you send me photos of your gowns.

Veils are shown with optional hair flower feather fascinator: the hair flower shown is NOT INCLUDED with your veil, and as is just shown as an example. I can custom make any bridal hair flower or feather fascinator at your request, just contact me. Or, shop the Fascinators page to select a ready-to-ship fascinator to pair with your crystal birdcage veil.

Mini Cap Style Veil - Made with 9 inch shorter veiling, comes just to the eye and made be worn straight or at a jaunty angle covering one eye. Attached to one comb (top center).

Bettie Bandeau Birdcage Veil - Made in a single strip of netting that goes from side to side and attaches with two combs: one on either side of your head. Nine inches long.

Nose Length Birdcage Veil - Made with longer bird cage netting to come just below your nose. Attached to one comb (top center).

Chin Length Birdcage Veil - Made with longer bird cage veiling to come to your chin. Attached to one comb (top center).

Full Head Birdcage Veil - Made with 18 inch long netting and covers your full head to below your chin. Attached to one comb (top center).

Handmade in the USA by Ellen Marie. Contact me with custom design requests.