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This is a custom listing for Heather.  Contact me using the email link below if you would like your own bridal jewelry or hair pieces.

The brooch in the center of the barrette is from my private stash.  I collect vintage jewelry and hold onto it until the right design idea comes along for me to re-purpose it into something new and wonderful.   This is a real antique Art Nouveau period brooch with a C clasp.  I don't know how old it is, but likely dates around 1900 since that is about when the old style of C clasps were still being used.  It is a golden brass color, with some darker patina from the age of the piece, but still in nice condition (just not super shiny like a new piece would be).  It is three dimensional in nature with beautiful fine detail in the pierced metal design of flowers.

I used two square brass filigree components with the center brooch component, to make this a wider piece that would work on a larger hair barrette. Faceted black pyrite stones with gold reflections dangle from the bottom of the brooch as an accent.

Handmade by Ellen Marie Design.

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